The Cadbury campaign “Give a generous voice to story time” aims to improve the balancing act of parenthood and other obligations by emphasizing the significance of prioritizing quality time with loved ones. It does so by creating an audio library of authentic African stories, enabling children to listen and connect with narratives that truly reflect their society.

    2/3 Kenyan parents feel they need to spend more quality time with their children; We at Cadbury want to change this. We want to reprioritize moments of connection through story time by making it a ritual.

    The campaign covers Kenya, Zambia, Mozambique, and Mauritius which are the ROA markets for Cadbury.

    To generously support parents who feel like they don’t spend enough time with their children and inspire them to get involved in creating an audio library of 85 audio books, which will be available to families across Africa.

    From the recordings received from contributors, the publisher, Sisi Afrika, will then select 85 audiobooks as the final submissions.

    The final audio stories or recordings selected are only those that will be deemed appropriate for children under the age of ten (10) years.

    Sisi Afrika is our publishing partner, and they will be creating the final Homegrown audio stories from consumer audio submissions. For more information on this partner, visit https://www.sisiafrika.com/.

    The ‘Give a generous Voice to Storytime’ campaign aims at collecting culturally relevant audiobooks available to our children by re-establishing those moments of connection between families. This campaign is not intended or designed to generate any commercial benefits for us.

    The audio books are currently available on the Cadbury Dairy Milk ‘Give a generous voice to Storytime’ virtual library and are accessible to anyone who would like to download a story.